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We live in a world filled with images that are a vital part of the communication between us and often how we understand the world we live in. When we travel, whether in our arm chair or in real life we often do research about those places we are wanting to see. These images can be part of your research.


Sharing the images with others that were made while traveling has been the impetus for this collection. My own unique way of seeing the people, architecture, details and rituals of the places I visit are shared with you here on these pages. Please treat them with respect and if you want to use any, get my permission for their use.


When I travel, I often make friends where ever I go. Over the years, I have accumulated a world of friends. I have found that putting a personal face on a travel location makes it more interesting and allows me to find what those who live in these places wish to share with me. I am always thankful for the generous help, insights and warmth shared on each visit.

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."

St. Augustine  

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