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Keith with incense rollers at SEWA small business in Ahmedabad, India

Keith being interviewed by television journalists at Varanasi, India on the Ganges River.

Keith Farley is the owner and energy behind the Around the World Photo website. Trained as a metalsmith, jeweler, and designer, he became an avid photographer to document and augment his his jewelry and sculpture, and when traveling began to record what was seen on his travels.


His wife, Barbara is a university photography professor, so Keith began working photographically while traveling rather than wait around for her and her study abroad students.


Pretty soon, because of his trained eye, he was making marvelous images and found that they were of interest to many. His photographic work has appeared in exhibitions, on the web and in textbooks.


Keith's jewelry is sold internationally from his website He makes one of a kind pieces for customers all over the world. He rarely meets them.


He has been an avid traveler for the past 44 years. His first trip to Europe was when he was 18 and spent about 3 months. This gave him the bug to travel.


He traveled by bicycle throughout Europe for two years as an 21 year old. As he traveled, he picked up the local language, made many friends, and even worked as a casting apprentice for a company in the north of England.


During those years, he learned to travel on his own, use little money, camp in all kinds of weather and observe the customs and culture.


When he photographs now, he comes to his subjects with a sense of awe and respect.



Keith holds a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He lives with his wife and their cats outside Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky.

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